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Movie Reviews
In case you are one of very many people who loves watching movies, either online or offline, you must be aware of the importance of movie reviews. If you really keep track of your expenditure, you will discover that you get to spend a lot of money on movies and online entertainment. This implies that you really need to pay attention to the reviews that exist on the internet for these movies.
There are a number of advantages when it comes to reading these important reviews. First of all, you get an overview of the movie. This means that you will decide if it is a movie worth the one and a half hour or more time of your life you will spend watching it. Therefore, you can be assured that you will not be bored by most movies whose reviews you read.
Secondly, movie reviews are very beneficial since they are the basis that we use to compare movies. The implication here is that you cannot spend all your money buying movies- you have to select what you are going to watch from a given list. The reviews will assist you to select the movie that you know you will enjoy more. This way, you will be a better shopper of movies.
Third, the reviews will give you a glimpse of what other people thought about the movie. This means that you will have an easier time selecting the movies that you want. For example, if you are looking for a good movie to watch with little kids, the review will notify you of the relevance of that movie to the particular that you want to show the movie to. This will save you a lot of embarrassment when you put on the movie. Ultimately, it will also make you popular with the audience by enabling them watch an excellent film.
Fourth, these reviews will contain the duration of the movie. This means you can also get to know the movies which will not waste too much of your time. Apart from this, the reviews will also notify you of roughly how long it will take to download the movie. Therefore, you will be braced regarding the amount of time you will spend on a particular movie.
To conclude, movie reviews are to films what preludes are to books. There is no better way to determine the suitability of a movie than by reading its review. This way, you will discover those films which resonate with your interest and also that are within your budget.

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movie reviews
movie reviews

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iPhone & iPad to Add Unlimited Access to the New York Times

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

User of iPhones & iPads now have unlimited free access to the New York Times articles via the Daily Planet, the free news app published by Valiant Rock, Inc.

The app, which was been heralded as a perfect application for anyone who is on the go by iPhone Life Magazine, added the New York Times to its growing number of news sources, which include the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, BBC, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg and the Associated Press along with many local news media.

Many readers were disappointed when the New York Times set up a pay-wall which limited its free access to 20 articles per month, says Mike Tanovic, VP of Marketing at the firm. Using the Daily Planet app, users now have unlimited access to the New York Times articles from their iPhones or iPads. This is really exciting news for any iPhone or iPad owners.

The New York Times articles can be accessed within various categories along with news from other sources or by themselves under Popular Sources => New York Times, where all New York Times articles are grouped by section. The New York Times category is also included under My Favorites as a default for new users.

The Daily Planet app changed how people access news. Users determine not only the types of news, but their sources and how they are delivered, says Mr. Tanovic. A user may want politics news only from the Washington Post, business news from CNBC & the WSJ and movie reviews from all sorts of media. The Daily Planet app can do just that. Another user may want to listen to 3-minute audio news updates everyday while a different user may want to browse all headlines from various sources by category.

After the launch, the app has been very well received with numerous praises from magazines, app-reviews web sites, blogger and users alike. The company expects even more users with a full inclusion of the New York Times contents for free.

For more information or media inquiries, contact Mark Johnson of appshout! on behalf of Valiant Rock, Inc at +1 408 757 0156 or press(at)appshout(dot)com.

The Daily Planet can be downloaded for free in the app store now, via the link below:

For more information, press only:

Mike Tanovic, VP of Marketing

(347) 404-5101


For more information:

About Valiant Rock, Inc.

Founded by like-minded programmers in 2011, Valiant Rock, Inc. focuses on making great apps for iOS & Android OS. Its first mobile app, the Daily Planet for iOS, was released mid-2012 to a rave of reviews, and there are multiple apps currently under development. With offices in New York and Hong Kong, the company also employs a variety of non-programming professionals across various disciplines to create unique app experiences for mobile users.

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Filmbuffet Member Movie Badge Showcases a Movie Fans Personality

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 10, 2012

Every movie fan is unique. Some cant get enough of horror movies. Others prefer a good drama. To celebrate a movie fans different tastes in film, Filmbuffet has added a new member feature to their movie cataloging and social site, a member movie badge.

Filmbuffet recently added a unique member movie badge to every movie fan profile on the site. The movie badge showcases the type of movies dominating a members movie collection. We created the movie personality badge to provide a visual snapshot of the type of movies each Filmbuffet member loves,adds Timothy Stevens, CEO of Filmbuffet. This feature makes it easy for friends, family members and other film fanatics to see the type of films a particular member enjoys.

Movie fans can share their Filmbuffet badge on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ making it easier for friends to discover the type of films they share in common. The Filmbuffet member movie badge really simplifies planning a movie night with friends. All the host needs to do is check each friends profile, and simply choose a movie in the any of the genres they share in common.

Creating a personalized Filmbuffet movie badge is easy. Get started by logging in using a Facebook ID or e-mail address and clicking on the Join Now button. Filmbuffet membership is free. Once logged on, movie lovers can add movies to their own movie collection. The top three genres in a members film collection will be featured on his or her Filmbuffet badge. While on Filmbuffet, members can keep track of the films seen, create a list of movies they plan to see and connect with friends to discover the films theyre watching. Members can also write movie reviews, rate films, start or join movie discussions.

About Filmbuffet

Headquartered in New Vernon, New Jersey, Filmbuffet brings movie lovers the first social networking and movie cataloging site of its kind. With a blend of talent, ingenuity and business savvy, founders Timothy Stevens and Juan Carlos Martinez brought their creativity and expertise together to bring a new experience to movie fans everywhere. Filmbuffet serves as an online movie community where movie lovers connect to review movies, discuss films and discover new movies to watch. To learn more, visit Filmbuffet.

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Yuvvraaj Movie Review; Movie Review Of Yuvvraaj

Article by Arunraj V.S.

Sweeping locales, classy music, good performances and good story line(after a long time) work in Yuvvraaj’s favor. Yuvvraaj is a movie high on drama and visuals. After three back to back debacles in Yaadein, Kisna and Black and White, director Subash Ghai seems to have found his old, classic touch.

Story of Yuvvraaj:: Yuvvraaj is a movie which upholds the good old virtues of brotherhood, love and family ties. Deven Yuvvraaj (Salman Khan) is a chorus singer who is in love with Anushka (Katrina Kaif). Her father Dr. P. K.Danton(Boman Irani) does not approve of the relationship because Deven is penniless. The reality is Deven had been shunned by his rich father since 12 years and he was trying to create an identity separate from his father. Later, Deven comes to know that his father is dead. He meets Anushka’s father and tells that he will return a billionaire (because he knows he can get a stake in his father’s property).

Deven has two brothers Gyanesh Yuvvraaj [Anil Kapoor] and Danny Yuvvraaj [Zayed Khan] whom he meets after 12 years at his father’s home. The family’s legal guardian(Mithun Chakraborthy) states that the father before dying had drafted the will in which the property would go to Gyanesh Yuvvraaj. Gyanesh is an autistic patient, mentally incapable of making decisions. There is a clause in the contract that in case Gyanesh dies naturally or through accident or murder, the property will go to a charitable trust.

The ambitious brothers Deven and Danny try various means..threatening, manipulating and buttering up Gyanesh so that he would give in the wealth to them. Deven brings Gyanesh to Austria where he meets Anushka; who finds that Gyanesh has a keen talent for music. Slowly and surely, Gyanesh begins to trust in Deven and in the process; Deven also realizes that his brother is an innocent person who cares more for music than money. Danny on the other hand, becomes trapped in a credit trap, and there is no one to save his financial doom. He feels insecure and runs to his brothers. He vows to leave his philandering ways and becomes one with his brothers. The relatives who have their eyes on the property are not interested in the brothers’ union. They plot to kill Gyanesh so that the blame of the murder would fall squarely on the two brothers. How the two brothers manage to steer clear of the crisis and save Gyanesh’s life form the rest of the plot.

Plus points of Yuvvraaj:
1. Excellent music by A.R.Rahman. The numbers take the movie on a different high altogether especially the three songs “Tu hi meri dost hain”, ” Tu Muskura” and “Dil Ka Rishta” towards the climax. Choreography by Shiamak Davar for the Shano Shano number is also impressive.
2. Subhash Ghai has a penchant for larger than life cinema, and never misses a chance to shoot the grandeur and opulence.He along with cinematographer Kabir Lal catches Prague and

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Movie Reviews – An Education

Article by Mr D Stevens

Movie Reviews this week looks at the charming biographical drama An Education.
It stars the lovely Carey Mulligan (Bleak House) as Jenny, a very bright sixth former, on her way to studying English at Oxford, currently studying her A levels during 1961.
She is pushed by her well meaning father Jack, played with a great deal of melancholy by Alfred Molina (Dr. Octavius in Spider-man 2), and her supportive mother Marjorie, played by Cara Seymour (Hotel Rwanda), you can tell immediately from his demeanor that this is a little biographical if not the entire movie, there is a scene that gives an idea of how far things have changed where Jenny’s boyfriend drives up to a black family waiting on the pavement playfully picks up one of the kids and takes them into an apartment, on returning Jenny asks how he knows those “Negroes”?.

As Jenny goes home one day after a cello lesson, a mysterious stranger David played by Peter Saarsgard (Jarhead), offers her a lift, well in fact he offers her cello a lift, saying he is worried such a lovely instrument would be damaged in the rain, and he wouldn’t want her to jump in the car with a complete stranger, so she can walk while he drives. As a flirtatious teenager surprised at the attention she agrees, and after a short while walking and talking she enters the car and is dropped promptly at her front door.

He is charming enough, and soon he starts to stop outside of her school, and the inevitable romance commences, at first viewers may be a little perturbed why an older man would want to date a young school girl, but after sometime you do realise David does genuinely care for her. Surprisingly seeing he so well cultured, Jenny’s father agrees to the liaison, then of course it is 1961, and he sees his daughter’s options are either excelling academically and going to Oxford, or meeting a very wealthy and cultured individual, and being looked after, as he puts it “He wouldn’t want you if you were thick”.

David somehow manages to convince Jack to allow him to take his daughter on weekend trips, along with his friend Danny played by Dominic Cooper (The History Boys), and his girlfriend Helen played the gorgeous Rosamund Pike (Surrogates, there is a sarcastic scene where all four of them are in Oxford, and Danny mentions the dread of having to suffer for three years here, where Helen agrees, when in actuality Rosamund Pike did go to Oxford), and even to Paris.

Jenny after sometime sees the rigmarole of going to school and studying hard only to find a boring job and be in it for the rest of her life, as too depressing and she confronts her headmistress played by Emma Thompson (I am Legend), after it is found that she is dating an older man

About the Author

Movie reviews is constantly updated with reviews of great movies and recommended

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Mind Movies Reviews: Learn How To Increase Your Visualization Skills

by Cayusa

Without a doubt you will have already been made aware of information about Mind Movies and possibly read a few Mind Movies reviews in addition. Ryan Higgins launched the product enabling everyone to effortlessly use the power of visualization by setting up tailored footage, right on their very own home computer. This revolutionary product has been online for a couple of years at present; therefore I decided I might sit down and reveal my personal knowledge.

My Personal Story

I initially heard about Mind Movies in 2009, and without delay signed up to have the 6 totally free pre-made video clips. There were not a great number of Mind Movies reviews earlier so I figured I would simply just leap in and then determine for myself. The six video clips are: physical health, spirituality, money, friends and family, attracting a guy, and then attracting a lady. I thoroughly loved all these online videos given that it just made it much simpler to picture the targets which I had been wishing to attain.

The ones that appealed to me the most were actually the spirituality and money movies, and around eighteen months afterwards, I consistently check out these ones almost each and every day.

Precisely What Is Mind Movies

Should you sign up, you obtain your download url so you can copy the online videos onto your PC. The six pre-made movies practically all run for around two or three minutes each, created to music, and include positive affirmations all through in addition. The objective is to choose the online videos that fit with you in addition to watch/listen to these on your computer as a minimum every morning and night, on a daily basis.

It’s also possible to pay in order to upgrade so that you can gain access to fantastic software to create your own custom-made movies on your computer. This is often more powerful because it’s exclusive for your personal situation and to the things that you’d like.

Whom Is This For

Mind Movies is designed for anybody who would like to go with visualization to manifest their ambitions in life. If you are after increased success, wealth, abundance, more passionate relationships and enjoyment, then this is obviously for you.

Exactly Why Does It Show Good Results

I quite likely won’t need to advise anyone about the main advantages of visualization. Without doubt it is extremely ultra-powerful for helping you arrive at your goals and objectives. Looking at mind movies every single day simply just makes ordinary mind visualization a lot more highly effective and much faster at bringing in good results. It is so easy and a real pleasure to be able to sit back and observe these videos in contrast to trying to generate crystal clear visuals inside your own head.


Mind Movies has already verified itself to a huge number of grateful buyers for the past couple of years. It is especially effective and also convenient to use at the same time. At the

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TopTenREVIEWS’ Announces the TopTen Christmas Movies of All Time: Get Into the Holiday Spirit with Memorable Characters Scrooge, Grinch, Clark Griswold, George Bailey and Ralphie

OGDEN, Utah (PRWEB) December 20, 2007

ReelzChannel TV Website Reaches Out to Movie Fans With New Video Player Featuring Free Movie Trailers, Movie Clips, Actor Interviews and Exclusive Content

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 25, 2008


ExpoTV Snaps Up Yahoo! Veteran David Rubinstein as Vice President of Media Sales: Online Media Expert Joins the Leader in User-Generated Video Product Reviews

NEW YORK (PRWEB) March 13, 2008

FilmCrave’s Movie Addiction is Out of Control

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) March 19, 2008

FilmCrave launches a host of new features that they promise to be “more addicting than ever.” The already addicting community for movie lovers is adding more of everything: more movie lists, more movie trailers, more DVDs, and more ways for members to interact with one another.

This is bad news for the members who are already hooked on FilmCrave, but could be even worse for the millions of un-expecting people whose curiosity may get the best of them. “Members spend hours writing movie reviews and making crazy movie lists to share with their friends. Now they can do even more on the site,” says the tired, bloodshot eyed, co-founder Josh Collins. He admits he has a movie problem.

What started out as a few modifications and enhancements has now turned into dozens of new movie lists and a host of other features. Co-founder and developer Nick Barry says, “Once we started adding in new features, we couldn’t stop. I just hope our members will understand we are just giving them what they’re asking for.”

Co-founder Alex Olson admits that the success is in the details. “Many people think that all lists are the same. I used to believe that too, until I heard otherwise from our members.” The small details that are found in the new features are the basis in which FilmCrave was founded upon. This is evident in the site’s early success.

After opening their innovative movie social network for business in August 2007, FilmCrave has been well received by members and critics alike; recently winning the national “2007 Open Web Awards: Judge’s Choice for Best Niche Social Network” by industry leader Will critics say the FilmCrave crew has gone too far this time around, or will they fall prey to the movie addiction too?


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